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ECO Plus Smart Energy System
LOW COST ECO Plus Smart Energy System

ECO Plus Smart Energy System (ECO+)

With the vision of building a green energy world, BSB has developed the smart battery management system at its own efforts, registered asECO Plus Smart Energy System.

ECO+” is developed by a long year experience, talent experts in the fields of batteries, telecom and IT, to project the Cloud-based, expertise and professional operation and maintenance services and to ensure that customers will maximize their business profits and network stability and reliability.

ECO+” can prolong the battery service life cycle significantly, improve the efficiency of energy consumption, enhance the high visibility of energy network management and reduce greatly the difficulty in the operations & maintenance of the energy products..


For our clients the most important questions need to be answered are:

  • How long time the battery can backup my system when the discharging starts?
  • When do I need to replace the bank of the batteries?


These two questions are linked to the SOC (state of charge) and SOH (state of health). For SOC, the concept relates to how much capacity can be delivered. And SOH is related to the battery aging factor, it is equal to the maximum remaining capacity that can be delivered.

But how to calculate the SOC and SOH is a world class headache. In the past, electrochemists worked hard on this and did not give a favorable model for the difficulty of design difference from type to type, from company to company. Now if we only focus onto 1 specific model, it is possible that we can generate quite accurate results. It is the basic reason why BSB have to use cloud computing to generate the SOC and SOH results. The smart battery itself will only deliver the data of elements like V, A, and temperature, but the modeling and calculation are all based on cloud computing which can get the citations of the specific battery model’s performance database.

Based on ECO+, those below functions, features and benefits can be achieved:

Low costLess Maintenance and Worries free