About us

Update 11:37:34 on 13-01-2017

Founded in 2003, DKD Hi-tech is a company leading in Vietnam regarding provider communication and information technology products with the high quality services and products for all mobile operators, enterprise companies, and governmental organizations in Vietnam.
Headquartered in Hanoi, S.R Vietnam, with total employees 43 (July 2015). DKD ranking in the top 10 companies provide wireless solutions for optimization and Network troubleshoot for all mobile operators. We has a team to be the master and quickly catching new technologies development, strong workforce in sales and marketing with open relationship with all customers. DKD has become the agent and distributor with famous brands of overseas companies. Ranking in the top 1 regarding care service center for
terminal equipment with registration name is DKD Mobile Hospital (Care center).

Vision and mission
Our mission is become provider the best solutions, services and products in Vietnam market, which enable our customer have been the support with high quality services. We always do beyond the customer expected in products and services, that winning award best company for telecom and domestic companies on business cooperation. And become the Number 1 companies regarding providing communication products and services in Vietnam market. We always consider high quality management as leading
criteria of company to development, contribute our value to customers and partners success together,

Our Vision is towards to high technology communication and IT products. Together with our best services that will contribute great success to any customers or partners who are looking to high quality services and products.