We provide high quality and durable products, which enable mobile communication operators to securely design optimized coverage areas and provide reliable and stable mobile communication services.


Cellular Base Station Antennas   Description: Catalogue Download

We supply a wide range of base station antennas, such as the ones below. Please download the catalogue for detailed information about our products.


  • Sector Antennas
  • Single Band
  • Dual Band
  • Tri Band
  • Quad Band
  • Penta Band
  • Hexa Band
  • Twin Beam Antennas
  • Tri Sector Antennas
  • Narrow Beam Antenna
  • Indoor Antennas
  • GPS Antennas
  • RCU



Combines                                   Description: Catalogue Download

We also offer products other than those listed in catalogue. Please contact us if you do not find one you are looking for.

  • Dual Band
  • Triple Band
  • Quad Band

There are no products to list in this category.