1. Introduction of Amphenol Antenna Solution

[Background] Amphenol Antenna Solutions is a division of Amphenol Corporation, a $4.5 billion NYSE company supplying to diverse markets including the mobile networks, automotive, military/aerospace, information technology and medical sectors. Amphenol Corporation was founded in 1932 and employs over 33,000 worldwide with product development and manufacturing operations on six continents.

The division Amphenol Antenna Solutions was founded with the singular focus of designing and manufacturing high performance base station antennas. Today, the company is a single source for wireless infrastructure offering not only base station antennas, but also transmission line products including RF cable, connectors and jumpers as well as accessories (TMAs, combiners, filters, couplers, repeaters) and RET system components (surge arrestors, Bias-Tee and PDUs).


The company provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for virtually all applications and global frequencies, with product available from the top of the tower to the base station.

• Antenna products available from 25 MHz to 3.8 GHz

• One of the largest varieties of BTS antennas, including panels, log periodics, omnis, omnis with reflectors, yagis, dipole arrays, planars and more in both fixed and variable electrical tilts and with remote azimuth swivel

• Antennas with embedded TMAs

• Tri-sector, low visual impact solutions

• DAS, point-to-point, microcell and in-building antennas

• PMR (UHF/VHF/SHF), TETRA antennas

• Microwave antennas

• Military, mobile and marine antennas

• Feeder cable, jumper cable, RF connectors and other transmission line products

• Products for RET systems

• Tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs)

• Couplers and splitters

• Filters and combiners


The company promises to maintain a consistent method of evaluating these facets of the organization in order to exceed expectations on a daily basis - because for Amphenol Antenna Solutions, customer service is a culture, not a department.

[Mission] Amphenol Antenna Solutions is committed to fostering consultative partnerships with customers, applying insight regarding antenna technology to the industries RF challenges. Amphenol Antenna Solutions will offer support to customers with a sense of urgency, maintaining quick decision paths in order to provide solutions and answers to customer questions promptly.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions will maintain cutting-edge antenna technology, so that customers can continue to enhance their network performance as new technologies emerge. The company will focus not only on quality, durability and exceptional performance, but also on efficiency of antenna design so that lead times meet customers’ demanding schedules.

Choices and unique solutions will be made available to cover virtually all coverage issues. Technical information and expertise will be readily available and easily accessible so that customers may make timely and informed decisions.

2 Introduction of Amphenol Antenna Line Devices

2.1 Products Overview

Amphenol’s business units service the world’s leading mobile operators and OEM’s through a network of offices, agents and manufacturing locations in over 60 countries.

To provide our customers with a complete Site Solutions portfolio, Amphenol Site Solutions offers access to all of these global product lines, providing a one source, single point of contact and support

[Panel Antenna] Amphenol Antenna solution provide full LTE compatible multiband basestation antenna from 698MHz to 2690MHz.

[RET Control System] Amphenol Antenna provide varied RET control system includes external RET and internal RET system.

[Cylindrical Antennas] One, Two and Three-Sector antennas inside a small, low visual impact cylindrical enclosure. Discretely deployed as flag poles, roof-top vents, street lamps or telephone poles. Available in single and multi-bands for base station, DAS and small cell applications.

[Transmission Line Products] Amphenol antenna solution provides complete portfolio for jumper cables, RF connectors, feeder cables, feeder clamp, grounding kits, etc.

[Coupler/Splitter] Amphenol offers RF passive products such as couplers and splitters. These products feature broadband characteristics covering all wireless service bands with outstanding RF performance, high isolation low insertion loss and low VSWR. Couplers and splitters are available with SMA, N and DIN type connectors and are fully weather-proofed to satisfy class IP67.

[TMAs] Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs), also referred to as Mast Head Amplifiers (MHA) or Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), reduce the over-all system noise figure of a cell site and provide increased uplink sensitivity. System noise figure reductions of 2–3 dB are typical, resulting in improved in-building penetration, higher call quality, fewer dropped calls, higher data rates and longer mobile battery life.

Amphenol’s TMAs are housed in strong, weather-proof enclosures, utilize highly de-rated electronic components, and include internal lightning protection to insure trouble free operation.

[Filters/Combiners] Diplexing filters from Amphenol allow operators to combine multiple carrier frequencies onto a single run of coax, resulting in reduced cost, lower wind-loads and reduced weight. Amphenol offers low insertion loss designs capable of withstanding high transmit power and providing low IM performance.

Housed in rugged, weather-proof enclosures, Amphenol filters are field proven to provide reliable service in harsh, tower top environments. Careful attention to materials and finishes in combination with high production standards ensures long term, trouble free performance.

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