Satellite Internet at sea
Satellite Internet at sea
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VSAT antennas from EPAK® - High performing internet at sea.

Benefit from EPAK´s long-term expertise for VSAT marine antennas supply and airtime provision. Using the patented EBF-Gyro, EPAK VSAT systems guarantee highest network availabilities for broadband services even under hardest conditions.

Combined with EPAK´s optimized airtime a one-hand solution, called connectivity, is brought to every vessel.
EPAK's marine antennas of the VSAT series comply with ETSI 302 340 and are compatible with various modems such as STM, iDirect, Satnet, Hughes, Paradise Datacom, Romantis...

Internet at sea: our offer

Our marine satellite antennas are sorted into two series, in order to better suit your requirements:

 - Ri (River internet), for a stable and performing marine internet in calm waters and urban areas.
This device is particularly recommended to those who look for a reliable and small VSAT antenna to be installed on a surface not strongly subjected to abrupt movements, as it could be a gas and oil platform or a river/lake cruise boat.

- DSi (Deep Sea internet), the VSAT antenna designed for those who need high speed internet at sea.
This series is equipped with a revolutionary tracking system (our Evolution Series), that allows the antennas o maintain a stable contact with the satellite, avoiding those disagreeble signal interruptions. DSi antennas are appropriate for those who frequently sail in open seas facing any weather condition.

To put it concisely - EPAK® is the excellent choice for a high-quality marine satellite internet system.


  • Internet at sea - Ri-Series

  • Internet at sea - DSi-Series



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